TAISIN Building System Corp. is founded since 1988 with sincere and sounding business philosophy. For years, we have been engaged in professional building system, integration design, construction, installation, testing and maintenance. In recent years, we've come to realized the urgent demands of application integration of system engineering and building system, and had dedicated our full attention in development of integration application and system engineering as our goal.

We are dedicated to bring the most suitable End-User operation experience by state of the art, integration of fire safety equipment in fire engineering and equipment, integrated application-oriented Intelligent Addressable Fire the Alarm Control System. Integration of Intelligent fire detection devices, smoke control systems, fire hydrant system, sprinkler system and foam system. Furthermore, we had expanded in the integration of building fire safety systems, such as fire doors to escape control, security access control, digital video security monitoring, hydropower engineering, air conditioning, clean projects and green energy systems engineering ... and so on.